About Frisbee-ish Ultimate Frisbee Pickup

ultimate frisbeeOur Ultimate Frisbee Pickup Game

One of the more beginner-friendly and family-friendly ultimate frisbee pickup games in Austin, the Frisbee-ish ultimate pickup game is co-ed, every Sunday there’s decent weather, and runs about 10:00am to about 12:30pm. When it’s hot, we definitely try to get started by 10, but people arrive as late as 12 and are quickly subbed in.

New frisbee players are encouraged to arrive early so they can work on throws and harvest the wisdom of the old farts. Parents, there are a lot of friendly kids whose parents play and who run around in a gaggle entertaining each other during the game. The field has swings, playsets, and a shaded blacktop.


  • lots of cold water
  • cleats if you have them
  • a good attitude
  • trimmed fingernails are recommended
  • a light and a dark shirt so we can tell what team you’re on.

We welcome high-skill level players – we have a bunch – but remember that this is a goofball game. We’ve had players from six to 66 years of age. Please dish the disk to the newbies when possible and be nice if they drop it. And if you’re the person dropping the disk — don’t worry, we’ve all bolluxed up easy catches more times than you can imagine.

Check here for a very quick summary of the ultimate frisbee rules. We do have one variation: In an official game, if you drop a pull (kickoff), it’s a turnover, kind of like fumbling a football kickoff. In our game, it’s a little more casual. You keep possession, but you’re obligated to perform a rough approximation of a cartwheel. If you’re not gymnastic, like me, you just flop on the ground and get up again.

We’re playing at Pillow Elementary, 3025 Crosscreek near Burnet and 183.

If it’s between 50 and 110F and mostly dry, we’re probably playing.